Medium/Large Buddy leash
Medium/Large Buddy leash
Medium/Large Buddy leash

Medium/Large Buddy leash

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The Buddy leash makes it easy to walk two dogs while only having to hold onto one leash.

The dual attachment (only available in the classic style) features two separate swivel hooks, each 1.5 feet in length. This gives each pup enough space to walk together. If the dogs do happen to switch sides, the swivel hook rotates making for a smooth transition.

The main leash, about 4 feet in length, can be made in classic or twist style. It can be unhooked from the dual attachment to be used as a single leash as well!

Mix and match colors and styles! 

*Always make sure that your dog is under supervision while using a leash. We advise, when it is not being used that you store it in a safe place, out of your dog's reach* 

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